dream show

Take a look at what Steve Kretzmann, from Critter had to say about Dream.

Why did Steve Kretzmann and Mike Loewe, establish The Critter as an independent platform for arts reviews and news after more than a decade of writing about theatre?

“Due to its ability to communicate emotion and so develop empathy, stimulate imagination and critical engagement with the world and the systems we impose upon it, we believe art in all its forms and permutations, and the humanities more broadly, are essential for a healthy, self reflective society.” said Steve.

His role as a critic is to support art and broaden audiences through critical engagement that interrogates ideas and the way they are presented, thus fostering further discussion and debate.  “In order to achieve this, we need to be honest,” says Steve.  Here is his honest opinion of Dream.

Profile: Dream balances the tears and laughter