Did you know that it is within your grasp to make a big, easy, positive difference to an adorable little child in an underprivileged community?

A little spare change can help him or her to grasp a bigger future.

Did you know that it is nearly 25 years since ‘The Rainbow Nation’ was born yet in 2018 more than 50% of young people are living below the poverty line? How fervently did we all dream that inequality would disappear from our country? How can we get the nation to work?

It is not too late to make a big difference to the future of our country through ASAP!

History has shown that high inequality leads to unfavourable political and economic consequences. South Africa should be a powerhouse in the continent of Africa and it must be if it is going to help others. Yet it is one of the leading countries when it comes to extreme income inequality. The top 10% of society receive half of all wage income. The bottom 50% of the workforce receive just 12% of all wages. And 67,4% of our youngsters are unemployed.

Through the After School Activities Program, fondly called ASAP, the Lunchbox team are elevating young people within the ‘have not’ category. Creating innovators is entirely feasible as the arts prepare students for success in school, work and life by boosting math and literacy achievement, critical -thinking skills and creativity, perseverance, facilitating cross-cultural understanding and much, much more to contribute to a more balanced country. Our ASAP Drama, Dance and Art lessons give the children many benefits which will help them to earn a better living.

Each one of us can make a difference As Soon As Possible.

A mere R100 a month will allow you to ‘adopt’ a Dancer, Drama or Art Student so they can benefit from a weekly class and talent showcases. Just press our GivenGain Donate Button on the right.

Why not adopt a few youngsters? Join our ASAP Facebook page group  to hear the ongoing stories about these bright young stars, their tutors, their successes and our progress.

Videographer – Garth Ensley