gift wrapping

What is the greatest gift our country could receive? Read how Lunchbox Theatre Supporters gave a lasting gift to 600 children last Christmas!

Do you believe that a really great and lasting gift would be to educate the children of South Africa about behaviour patterns that could make our country a better place in future?

Well, a good bunch of people allowed us to wrap their gifts at Market Square in Plett just before Christmas. Through their generous donation they made it possible for Lunchbox Theatre to stage another life changing show to children within the underprivileged communities.  Our shows change attitudes and the messages go directly into the families, changing their behaviour in a positive way, forever.

For instance, we teach children how to conserve water through The Last Drop Show. We are overcoming the litter problem by teaching youngsters how to manage their waste effectively through the What a Waste Show.  We are doing a great deal to stop the sad consequences of animal abuse through A Dog’s Life. We educate kids about the value of nature, animals in the wild, biodiversity and the balance of nature through The Great Eden to Addo Adventure and The Tree Show.  Child abuse is a disturbing reality in our country and we teach children about their rights and how to say, ‘No!” through iLifa, the Inheritance.  We also teach them about how to avoid the tragedy of Aids and HIV with the Thand’ Impilo Show. Children come to appreciate Marine Protected Areas and the value of ocean life through The Whale Show.

And in addition, through their generous donation, we will also make a difference to the lives of our teachers.  Teaching is not an easy career in this day and age and live theatre shows help teachers to open doors on difficult, yet important, subjects because children love our shows. And the messages are remembered, forever!

It took a lot of wrapping however their small change donations helped us to raise a cool R6000! This will be used to stage yet another show! Audiences are typically around 600 children so their donation goes a long way!

The nature of our work leaves us relying heavily on donations to cover the costs of our educational theatre shows and uplifting drama and dance workshops.

Without the support we get from donors who see the value of our work, we would simply not be able to have such a meaningful, positive impact as we change the mindsets of the youth of South Africa.  Donations like theirs make a big difference!  So well done to them for being ‘Secret Santa’s’!

Do you have a favourite cause relating to conservation, animals, nature or a healthy nation that you would like to invest in?  If so, please click on a link above to see a short video about a show which resonates with you or visit