Be a Lunchbox Legend and cycle for kids?

Who is this guy who finds it fun to be a Lunchbox Legend and cycle for kids?

Paul Leger tells us why Lunchbox ‘ticks all the boxes’ when he chooses where to invest his fundraising efforts. Consider what it takes to be a Lunchbox Legend in the Cape Town Cycle Tour.  You will join some other crazy people and cycle long distances and up high mountains.

You will need to …

  • Find time to practice: On top of all the other things you do which are already making you a hero in your own life. This might entail getting up very early for many months to practice … if you want to do yourself proud.
  • Know how to get on a new age bike: They have very sensitive and sophisticated steering systems, which initially have a mind of their own, so if you swing your leg over the seat you are likely to meet the ground rather unexpectedly and quickly.
  • Know how to ride a bicycle: It’s not as easy as was in your youth. If you are doing it properly your feet must not be able to touch the ground – no bent-kneed cycling allowed.
  • Know how to not fall off a bike: Since you have to miraculously balance without your feet touching the ground. Then you have to learn about toe clips or clipless pedals which lock onto cleats on your shoes to make staying upright even more of an art form … with potentially embarrassing results.
  • Be aware that bikes give you ‘a red cherry’: In other words, it makes your bum sore. Fortunately, there are many products to alleviate this.
  • Be prepared to dress rather like a happy, clown: In very bright colours so that you really stand out and the clothes are tight, so it exaggerates everything.
  • Have a sense of humour, like Paul Leger. You’d have to be a pretty special person to want to put yourself through this.  So, why would you do it?  Paul says, “Being a Lunchbox Legend is all about the camaraderie and energy. And it’s the least we can do. A simple thing like these kids saying they will turn the tap off could change the course of our history.  Now that is worth the effort!”

In the below video, we catch up with Paul Leger at the Bahia Formosa Primary during the staging of The Last Drop which is the show he chose to fund with his Cape Town Cycle Tour 2018 self-sponsored investment. He describes why he was attracted to Lunchbox Theatre by Stuart Palmer’s pure ‘joie de vie’ – zest for life!  Stu’s team have the same infectious energy which he believes is worth supporting. From a business point of view, Paul appreciates the fact that Lunchbox Theatre is not a top-heavy organisation. So, he knows that his money is going directly to the kids via the benefit of shows and this ticks the final (lunch) box for him.

Besides being involved in the fun and camaraderie, Legends enjoy other benefits such as the cycling out in our beautiful countryside and really appreciating it up close and personal, while breathing in beautiful gasps of wonderful oxygen and appreciating the trees that produce it. Enjoying the power of nature in all it’s glory whilst getting toned and in shape. An even better option is if you cycle as a family!

So, watch this interesting video and then decide how much you would like to contribute towards Paul Leger as he rides for Lunchbox Theatre. Imagine that every cent you contribute saves a drop of water. Imagine that every cent you contribute saves a drop of water. And you will get a free Lunchbox Legends tee-shirt!