Lunchbox New show - Dream

You can be one of the first to see ‘Dream’ … read on

Thanks to National Lotteries Commission and Assitej SA, Lunchbox Theatre were given the opportunity to create a brand-new show.  What angle did they take as a story line and what opportunities would this show afford? Read about the magic behind the Dream Show …

The collaboration to create Dream is a story in itself.  It is driven by the passions of 4 people.  They are mostly actors and actors have a deep psychological need to convey important messages to their fellow man.

Firstly, we have Stuart Palmer, the inspiring leader who started Lunchbox Theatre because he loves to act and add value to others’ lives.  Then there is Amanda Valela who has embraced every opportunity afforded to her to the fullest.  Assitej has been a big supporter in taking her from point  A to Z.  She has demonstrated that it is possible for a young, black woman living in a township in South Africa to demonstrate and grow her skills in Austria, Sweden and Zimbabwe!!  Next is Mncedisi Ncedani who is not only a multiskilled, compelling actor and musician, he has written the inspiring songs for Dream.  Then there is Director, Nhlanhla Den Mkhwanazi who was filled with a turbulence of emotions only an abandoned child can feel. He turned his life around by acting out these emotions in a positive way – live theatre.  This led to a life of travel and a career in film, TV, training and the winning of many awards.  He was invited back by Lunchbox after producing the very popular show, Thand’ Impilo.  Opportunities like this one afforded by National Lotteries Commission and Assitej SA add huge value to the team’s careers and to Lunchbox Theatre.

When these 4 creative souls have collaborated, they created something magical. Dream is a thought provoking journey into the mind, expertly delivered.

When Luko’s twelve year old sister goes missing, his emotional mother is nearly out of her mind with worry and grief. She locks him in the house in a desperate attempt to protect her only remaining child as they await news of Buno’s fate. Deprived of outside influence, Luko lives in a world of dreams with only his sister’s teddy bear for company.  What lies beyond the walls? What is real and what is in his head?

Would you like to know the answer?  Come and see Dream at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in June / July 2018.  Or, if you live in the Garden Route, you can see it at the Whitehouse Theatre on 31 May 2018.  Tickets for the local show can be obtained at the Old House Shop or Quicket.  Otherwise find an occasion, like a fundraiser, and book this or one of our other Lunchbox Theatre shows. This show is dedicated to all the missing children across our country.