Lunchbox Theatre raises awareness and develops knowledge and interest in environmental and social issues in South Africa through interactive theatrical experiences.


Changing Lives, One Show at a Time

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Experience the enjoyment of a Lunchbox Theatre show through the eyes of the children and see their response to the messages delivered to them. The energy of our incredibly passionate team leaves a positive and lasting impact.

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The Lunchbox Theatre Team

Our team have staged over 600 shows and are as diverse and multi-talented as their audiences. They all have a passion for dance, comedy and acting and love working with kids particularly to assist with educating communities.

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Recent Shows

Dream Trailer

You know that awful feeling when you hear that a child has been harmed? Now you can do something proactive so that you can feel a bit better, knowing that you are making a positive difference.

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The Last Drop

Our story starts in the year 2060 and we have just found the last drop of freshwater. There are no more trees, no fruit or vegetables, we can no longer build houses and everyone is suffering. Something must be done!!

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The What A Waste Show

This show about waste management and recycling addresses difficult, everyday questions of sustainability. Might humans be the only creatures that create “waste” that somehow needs to be dealt with? Taken away from sight? We make things that become “unusable”.. are there ways to change this , or the attitudes of how we deal with waste?

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Featured Legends

Be part of something extraordinary!

Make a difference through your chosen challenge or join us on our annual Lunchbox Legend Tour. You don’t need to be a cyclist or super athlete to be a Legend.
Whether it’s an activity, writing poetry, or painting a picture, for some examples, your efforts can raise funds to change children’s lives through the love of theatre.
Click here to support our registered Lunchbox Legends through their efforts or take the leap, and become a legend yourself.

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Lunchbox News

“Lunchbox’s show ‘Thand’ Impilo’ is a good starting point to open up discussions about HIV”

“Lunchbox Theatre’s performance showed the real life of our learners”

“We would love Lunchbox to visit us quarterly, with different themes e.g. substance abuse”

“The shows helped with the students oral skills and encouraged them with public speaking”

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